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One of the most convenient ways to buy gold is to choose hallmarked gold bars. To protect your investment gold bars, they are packaged in airtight plastic carriers that are about the size of a credit card: 86 mm long x 54 mm high. The front side of the package features the producer’s brand while the reverse bears the certificate of authenticity, certifying the purity and weight of the gold bar contained therein. Each gold bar is stamped with a distinct serial number provided by the manufacturer during its production to ensure its contents.

Gold Bars are measured in the following units:

  • Gram is the international weight measure
  • Ounce is a measure of weight accepted in the English-speaking countries of Australia, Great Britain and the USA;
  • Tola is a measure of weight primarily used in India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Singapore;
  • Tael is a measure of weight generally accepted in the Chinese-speaking including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan;
  • Baht is a measure of weight used in Thailand;
  • Chi is a measure of weight used in Vietnam;
  • Don is the measure of gold weight in South Korea.



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